Optimising Collection Pages to Achieve a 28% Uplift in Conversions

Medescan Collection page


Clever Conversions partnered with Medescan, a leading health and wellness brand, to enhance their e-commerce strategy and optimise their website for conversion. Understanding the importance of the customer journey, our team focused on improving user experience, building customer trust, and effectively communicating product value.


Medescan was facing stagnant conversion rates on their product collection pages. Despite having quality products, the website did not effectively convey the value proposition to the visitors, nor did it leverage customer feedback to build trust. The brand sought to increase its conversion rate, thereby maximising revenue and improving customer engagement.


Clever Conversions identified three key areas on the collection pages for optimisation to address these challenges and drive better outcomes

Highlighting Savings Off RRP

We overhauled the price display to accentuate the savings customers would enjoy against the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). This strategy was implemented to immediately grab attention and showcase the value being offered.
RRP Pricing before and after

Updating Secondary Images to Campaign Image

We revised the secondary image strategy to feature campaign imagery when hovered over. These images depicted the products in use, painting a picture of the lifestyle or results that the customer could expect. This approach helped in bridging the gap between the product and its application in real life, encouraging more clicks through to the product pages.
Hover Image product to lifestyle

Integrating Review Stars

To leverage social proof and build trust, we integrated review stars directly into the product listings on the collection pages. This allowed potential customers to see at a glance the positive feedback from previous buyers, increasing confidence in their purchasing decisions.
review stars before and after


The implementation of these strategic optimisations led to significant improvements in Medescan's e-commerce metrics. These results underscored the effectiveness of our approach, combining data-driven insights with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour to enhance Medescan’s online shopping experience.

sales increase icon


Collection pages experienced an increase of 28%, rising from 2.02% to 2.59%.
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collection page before
big green tick


collection page optimised


The collaboration between Clever Conversions and Medescan demonstrates the power of strategic eCommerce optimisations. By focusing on clear communication of value, leveraging social proof, and improving the browsing experience, we were able to significantly impact the bottom line. This case study exemplifies how targeted enhancements can lead to substantial improvements in conversion rates, illustrating the potential benefits for other businesses looking to optimise their eCommerce platforms.

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