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What is The Ultimate CRO Audit?

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How it Works

Our comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) audit is meticulously designed to boost your online business's performance by identifying key areas for improvement and implementing strategic enhancements.

This process is divided into three core steps, each containing detailed phases to ensure a thorough and effective audit.

Research & Analytics

At the outset, we do the work to understand your business inside out. This phase is about laying the groundwork.

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Abraham Lincoln

Data Analysis: GA4, Shopify & Heatmaps

A deep dive into GA4 analytics helps us unravel your website's story, mapping out your site’s journey from first click to final conversion.

By layering in heatmaps and clickmaps, we get an up-close look at how your visitors navigate and interact, uncovering hidden opportunities to enhance their journey.

GA4 has changed the way metrics are tracked, so at this step, we also undertake an integrity audit to help you understand if your data is being reported correctly.

Customer Research

The heart of your business is your customers.

To provide a smooth experience, it's crucial to dive into understanding them and their shopping and product usage habits. What do they love abou your brand and products? what problems have you helped the solve? What information on your site helped them purchased?

To answer these questions we need to hear directly from customers and we do rhis by analysing your reviews and undertaking customer surveys.  When feasible, we also analyse customer service interactions.

Competitor Benchmarking

Checking out the competition is our way of going on an idea hunt, not to mimic them, but to get inspired.

We approach this with an open mind, ready to learn from anyone solving similar problems.

As we explore their sites, we're gathering intel on shopping trends that we then custom-fit to your brand.

Review & Recommendations

In the Review and Recommendations phase, we pivot from deep analysis of your site's user experience and market standing to defining clear, actionable steps.

This stage is focused on driving your business forward, balancing quick improvements with strategic initiatives for lasting growth.

In-Depth Review

With a deep understanding of your site, the customer experience, and your product range, we conduct detailed examinations of various purchasing processes.

Our aim is to uncover every potential friction point as well as opportunities for improvement.

Too often, brands and agencies rush into modifications based on mere assumptions. At best, this fails to make a significant impact; at worst, it can set you back. We adopt a different strategy. The extensive research and thorough data analysis undertaken initially guarantee that our recommendations are anchored in concrete insights. This, in turn, provides you with enhanced confidence as we collaborate to evaluate and implement changes.

Insight-Led Recommendations

Too often, brands and agencies rush into modifications based on assumptions and guesswork.

At best, this fails to make a significant impact; at worst, it can decrease your conversion rate by introducing a detrimental change.

Our extensive research and  data analysis undertaken in step one means our recommendations are anchored in insights.

This, in turn, provides you with confidence as we collaborate to evaluate and implement changes.

We assist you in prioritise changes by evaluating their potential for the greatest impact, with the aim of moving on key changes, quickly.

We've built an easy-to-use database that lets you zero in on what matters most. It's packed with videos, screenshots, and data points, all designed to streamline your focus.

Implementation: Your Path to Success

The final leg of our Ultimate CRO Audit is about ensuring insights lead to action,

Your setup is unique, and we get that.

Whether it's getting down to business with your in-house team, aligning with your current dev agency, or working with our trusted development partners, we are here to support.

Changes typically fall into three distinct categories.

1. Quick Wins
2. A/B Tests
3. Landing Page Design & Development

Quick Wins

These are simple tweaks to the website's front-end that can quickly enhance the user experience and boost conversion rates. This is where Shopify excels—eliminating the need for complex planning sessions, many essential tasks can be addressed immediately.

A/B Testing

This process entails comparing two versions of a webpage to determine which one achieves better engagement with the audience, offering crucial insights for informed optimisation decisions.

Landing Page Design and Development

Developing and enhancing landing pages to not only attract visually but also to be strategically optimised for conversions, closely aligning with the business’s strategic goals.


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Is the Ultimate CRO Audit right for me?

The Ultimate CRO Audit is suitable for you if you're looking to deeply understand how users interact with your site and where there might be barriers to conversion.

It's ideal if you have a significant amount of traffic but are not seeing the conversion rates you expect, or if you are planning to scale up your marketing efforts and want to ensure your website can effectively convert incoming traffic.

Numerous brands opt for the Ultimate CRO Report before embarking on new design or development projects, ensuring they incorporate key insights and sidestep the risk of creating a site that regresses—a surprisingly common occurrence.

How long does the Ultimate CRO Audit take?

As eCommerce business owners ourselves, we grasp the importance of agility. Therefore, we commit to delivering a list of quick wins within the first week wherever possible, ensuring you can start making impactful changes right away.

The time required for the full Ultimate CRO Audit can vary based on the complexity and size of your business. Generally, it might take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This timeframe allows for thorough analysis and data collection to ensure comprehensive recommendations.

What happens during a discovery call?

During a discovery call, we will discuss your business goals, challenges, and expectations. This call helps us understand your needs and determine the scope of the audit. It's also an opportunity for you to ask questions and gauge whether our services are the right fit for your business. The outcome of this call will typically be a proposed strategy tailored to your specific situation.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an Ultimate CRO Audit varies based on many factors unique to your website and business needs. We will provide a detailed cost breakdown after our initial discovery call, which will allow us to better understand your specific business goals and requirements.

What should I expect after completing the Ultimate CRO Audit?

After completing the Ultimate CRO Audit, you should expect to receive a detailed report outlining the findings, insights, and actionable recommendations for your website. Implementing these recommendations typically leads to improved user experience and an increase in conversion rates.

Do you provide continuous CRO support after an audit?

We offer ongoing support to a select number of retainer clients following an audit. If you are interested and believe you might be a suitable fit, this is something we can explore further during a discovery call. We also maintain a curated list of trusted agencies that we recommend. Our primary focus is to collaborate closely with your team and any third-party agencies, bringing a fresh perspective and expert insights to enhance your CRO efforts.

Do you work with agencies?

The Ultimate CRO Report is an invaluable tool for development and design agencies embarking on new projects. It offers comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations that can significantly enhance the planning and execution phases of website creation or redesign, ensuring that the end product is not only visually appealing but also optimised for conversions.

For digital marketing agencies looking to support their clients, this report is instrumental in fine-tuning the post-click journey. It helps identify potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ensuring that once visitors land on the site, they are met with an experience that encourages engagement and conversion.

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