How This Product Page Redesign Boosted Conversion Rate by 46%

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Our primary objective was to transform the product page into a more intuitive and persuasive environment.

By clearly communicating the benefits of Nail Revive, providing reassurances to potential buyers, and simplifying the purchase process, we aimed to elevate user engagement and streamline the path to conversion, ensuring every aspect of the page was optimised for peak performance.
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Conversion rate increase from 7.7% to 11.3%.
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Per Session Value increase from  $4.6 to $7.1.
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The existing landing page lacked sufficient information that addressed common customer concerns and failed to effectively showcase the product's benefits and proven results. This shortfall potentially hindered customer decision-making and reduced conversion rates.


We initiated the project with a comprehensive audit of OzHealth’s existing customer interactions and competitive landscape. We analysed customer service tickets and user behaviour metrics to uncover core concerns and queries of potential buyers, such as the anticipated results timeline and the product's safety. This detailed exploration provided us with the critical insights needed to shape our strategic approach, ensuring that each modification was data-driven and closely aligned with customer needs.


In our comprehensive redesign of the Nail Revive product page, we implemented a series of enhancements designed to improve user experience and increase conversions.

Informative Product Icons

To directly address and reduce key barriers to purchase, we introduced a series of informative icons on the Nail Revive product page.
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Enhanced Product Information

We introduced a "Why You Should Try It" section that detailed the unique benefits and features of Nail Revive.

By articulating these points clearly, we aimed to reinforce the product’s value proposition and encourage more informed and confident purchasing decisions.
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Visualising Product Details

Recognising the crucial role of clear communication in enhancing customer experience, we included two comprehensive diagrams that clearly show how to use Nail Revive effectively, along with a before-and-after graphic.

These visual aids do more than just instruct; they educate customers on the correct ways to apply the product while setting realistic expectations about its effects.
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Integrating Social Proof

In collaboration with the OzHealth team, we migrated product reviews and crafted a customer journey designed to enhance engagement and influence purchasing decisions. This was achieved by strategically situating two customer review widgets on the website.
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Strategic FAQs

We introduced a comprehensive FAQ section on the product page, based on insights from our initial audit that highlighted specific user concerns and questions.

This enhancement is specifically designed to streamline the customer journey and minimise any potential friction.

By comprehensively addressing all possible questions directly on this page, we eliminate the need for users to navigate to other sites or pages, ensuring a smoother, more efficient experience.

This proactive approach in providing information helps facilitate quicker decisions and enhances overall customer satisfaction.
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We employed A/B testing to compare the redesigned page against the original, focusing on intuitive navigation and easy access to key information. This approach enabled us to directly quantify the improvements, affirming our confidence in the effectiveness of the new design.



Our strategic redesign of the Nail Revive landing page for OzHealth successfully increased both conversion rates and per-session revenue, affirming the importance of tailored, user-focused content and design in eCommerce settings. At Clever Conversions, we continue to leverage our expertise to enhance online experiences and achieve remarkable improvements in sales performance for our clients.

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